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At Gator Car Finance, we fully appreciate that it can be difficult to get credit nowadays for many people due to past financial difficulties. Whatever your circumstances though, we are confident that we can still find a deal for you and we specialise in helping customers whatever their situation whilst at the same time advising on responsible lending and borrowing. You should clearly understand your income and expenditure before taking on credit.

Whilst a bad credit score will understandably limit credit options, which can be very stressful, it does not necessarily prevent you from acquiring the vehicle you desire. Getting finance is not as straightforward as judging a credit score as there are other factors in play too.

Reasons For Lenders To Refuse Finance

A lender, when making a decision, will use various criteria to decide whether to accept an application for finance. The credit rating is naturally one of the primary factors, but there are others too. These include a person’s time at their current place of residence, monthly outgoings and the individual’s employment history.

It is also important to note that each individual lender will have different criteria to others and thus have different thresholds, so someone who has been refused credit from a lender in the past may still be able to get a loan elsewhere. Whilst we cannot find finance for everyone, we may be able to help even if you have enrolled in a debt management plan or have, or have had an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement).

As a totally transparent company, we advise that customers are honest about their own situation and should thus act appropriately. You will know your own financial situation better than anyone else, and should plan what is best for you.


Bankruptcy inevitably places severe restrictions on credit available to individuals. Immediately after being declared bankrupt, a person will not be able to obtain credit for more than £500. This limit is usually imposed for 12 months, after which there are fewer restrictions as the bankruptcy is “discharged”, but for a while after that it may still prove difficult to obtain credit, as the bankruptcy remains on credit records for six years in total.

Bad Credit

More than anything, bad credit is the primary reason to be refused credit. The possible reasons for bad credit are numerous – county court judgments (CCJs), missed and/or late payments, defaults or the aforementioned bankruptcy. All these situations would be factored into a credit rating and be part of the credit history. If this applies to you, then your best option may be to use a company that specialises in finding deals for people with bad credit, and we have built excellent relationships with a raft of such companies.

However, it is still possible to obtain credit during this period, and here at Gator Car Finance we can arrange loans for those discharged for over a year, so get in touch today and see if we can help you – you have nothing to lose.

Improve Your Chances

  • Whilst those with a poor credit history can still acquire credit, the better the score the better your chances, and there are steps any person can take to try and improve their own credit rating.
  • Make sure you are on the electoral roll.
  • Check your credit report, which can be obtained free of charge, thoroughly as there may be errors on there that can be corrected and there may be debts you could settle.
  • Providing comprehensive documentation to lenders when making an application may improve your chances of acceptance.

What we advise against is the practice of applying for various loans at the same time with multiple lenders as this can result in being rejected for finance, even if the individual has a good credit record. This tactic could also affect future attempts to gain credit and lenders may see multiple applications on a credit report as an indicator of someone desperate for finance. Thus, using a single source to find a deal, such as a broker like Gator Car Finance, is a sensible option.

Gator Car Finance

At Gator Car Finance, we strive to help customers whatever their credit rating – good or bad. We feel strongly that those with a poor credit score or those that are self-employed should not be at a disadvantage when seeking finance. What’s more, we don’t accept that credit for such people should come with higher costs. Whatever the history of a customer, there are more finance deals available than ever before, and it is our aim to find the right deal for you, that suits your situation and that you can budget for and thus make regular repayments on.

It is also our belief that your past should not prevent you from getting the vehicle you desire, nor do we think you should pay over the odds. After all, a bad credit history is not always the customer’s fault. For us, the important thing is the ability to pay the monthly repayments and finding our customers a deal that suits their individual budget. We believe there are more packages available than ever before, whatever your past history.

As part of the application process it will be necessary to carry out certain checks so that we are confident that you can afford the payments and that it is the right deal for you. The information you provide on the application will help us do that and help the lenders match a package for you. It is important to note that you are under no obligation to sign for any deal and we urge you to check the terms and conditions thoroughly so that you are happy with the package. If happy, you could receive a decision within days.