Once you have completed your application we will get to work and try and find you a finance option that is right for you with one of the lenders we have access to. Once your car loan has been approved you can rest assured that the lenders have a top-class team standing by to provide you with ongoing help and support throughout the process.

And then the exciting bit. Choosing a vehicle. And with us, you have total flexibility. By choosing us rather than going direct to a showroom means you have choice, not only in the vehicle you purchase, but the way you pay for it.

Part 1 – Application

We may have mentioned it before, but we have worked hard to make the application as clear as we could. You can fill in the online application form. If you have any questions you can call one of our experienced team to run you through the process. Please note that you can have total peace of mind that we will only ask for information essential to the application, and nothing more.

Part 2 – Decision

Once the application has been completed, we will immediately start our search. Our systems will electronically start to search, in real time, for a lender who would be happy to consider your application further. Within a few minutes we will know which lender this will be. We will then re-direct you to that lenders website where you will continue the process. This lender will then carry out some further checks, and if they are happy will work through the final stages with you.

Part 3 – Confirmation

Should your application be approved (and we hope it is!), the lender will inform you how to go about choosing and buying your new car.

They will run you through the whole procedure so that you know where you stand, what the costs will be and the next steps to take. A personal touch also allows you to have any potential questions answered.

Part 4 – Car

And so to the exciting part – buying a vehicle! The flexibility of using us allows you to go and decide which vehicle you want. Once you have made your choice you lender will inform you of how to complete the purchase.

It really is that simple. Complete our online form to begin your no obligation application.