At Gator Car Finance, we have access to a wealth of lenders able to offer a personal loan to suit you at competitive rates, so that you could be driving away in the car of your dreams within days.


  • A personal loan will consist of a fixed-cost and fixed-period allocation of funds which the borrower can then use on a purchase of their choice.
  • With finance secured the customer is in a strong position to choose a deal. The vehicle seller/dealer has peace of mind that the money for the vehicle is available. With Gator Car Finance, we can help secure a personal loan that leaves you free to then secure your own vehicle deal from a reputable seller.
  • The personal loan is essentially a separate entity to the vehicle purchase, so you have the freedom to renegotiate/sell/pay off your loan whilst still paying off the vehicle (though of course payments for the vehicle must continue). The vehicle too could in theory be sold on.
  • As the loan is unsecured, your vehicle cannot be repossessed by the loan provider.


  • Customers with a poor credit history score may struggle to secure a personal loan. Personal loans suit individuals with a good credit history who have not had financial problems in the past.
  • There are restrictions on the size of personal loans – whilst this would not impact on most vehicle purchases, they rarely exceed £25,000